Leader: DEKUT Kozhasznu Nonprofit Kft.

The evaluation of the project will provide specific knowledge of the project’s performance, facilitate improvements regarding project management tasks and verify whether the project has attained its goals and objectives. The objective is also to explore the strengths and weaknesses of the project performance in order to decide whether the project should be continued in its current form or modifications should be implemented. An appropriate evaluation methodology based on well established models will be selected. The precise methodology of the evaluation will be defined at the beginning of the project and an evaluation plan will be developed in M6 and will be communicated to all participants of the AIR project. The evaluation process requires strong collaboration with the core WPs regarding the interpretation of their results and difficulties We expect from our involved partners their constructive comments or suggestions on the performance measuring actions and pre-defined evaluation questions and indicators. Evaluation data will be collected through questionnaires, individual interviews, direct observation of the meetings and analysis of the documentary and deliverables. At each step qualitative and quantitative indicators will measure the level of realization of the given task.

Specific Objectives : To explore whether the project is proceeding as planned, should be continued in its current form, or modifications should be taken = formative analysis, To control whether the project is meeting its proposed timeline, To judge whether the project has reached its stated goals = summative analysis

Deliverables : Evaluation Plan,  Evaluation Report

Contact person: Zsuzsanna MAROS-SZABO , E-mail: zsuzsa.szabo@dekut.hu , Phone number: +36 52 533 173 

                          Ziggy Kovacs, E-mail: ziggy.kovacs@itcluster.hu